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The Beckwith Mansion & Estate
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Beckwith Mansion

A little About Us – Historic Mansion in Palmyra –  We are classified as a Tourist Home, but effective 10/1/2018 we are no longer accepting overnight reservations.

The reason we are cutting back on overnight guests is the owner, D. Brent Walton, has contacted myasthenia gravis.  This means much of the maintenance that was being done by him can no longer be done by him.  Heath and financial reasons necessitate the inevitable sale of the mansion.


  • A house for a large family, or family living with extended family members.
  • Buy it and do as we did – operate it as a tourist home.  (This is a classification in New York.  You cannot offer services, you can only rent rooms.)  Income potential depends on your ability to market and attract guests and what you charge for the rooms.  Doing this pretty much allowed us to cover our property taxes with income from room rentals.
  • Convert it in to a B&B – a B&B is a step beyond a tourist home, however, with a B&B you must have your food prep area inspected and approved by the state health department, and you must charge your guests applicable taxes.  (Talk to an accountant and the state tax department about taxes for renting rooms that include services.)
  • Remodel and convert it to a multi-family building.   Apartments are in short supply in this area and you will have no problems finding renters.  If this were converted in to a 4-unit building you’d be looking at about $4000/month rental income.
  • Keep in mind this has a cottage on the estate.  The cottage is perfect for a small business.  The one room is already set up to be an office, while the bigger section can be used for other business purposes.  The nice thing about using the cottage for your business and house for living is you can go home at night, and in the morning have a short commute (about 60′ out the back door.)
  • NOTE:  Any business use will require you to file for a variance with the village, town and/or county.  DISCLAIMER:  Current owner is only making suggestions.  It will be up to the new owners to check do the necessary research, and file appropriate variances, etc.  Current owner assumes no responsibilities for what the buyer does with the property.


Website and domain:  How many houses do you know that come with their own domain and website?  That’s right, the current owner will transfer the domain name to the new buyer.  The buyer will be responsible for securing their own hosting (or paying existing hosting service) and transfer fees and charges.  (Both are nominal.)  The advantage of this is you already have some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) going.

Artwork of the House:  The current owner is an artist and will be leaving some of his artwork of the house behind for future owners.

HISTORY:  This house has quite the history.  The current owners have the ORIGINAL GRANT DEED (which will stay with the house) and it is professionally conserved and framed.  It was signed by DeWitt Clinton in September of 1827.  The property was homesteaded by George Beckwith and purchased from Abner Cole (pen name – Obadiah Dogberry).  The home is in the historic district (National Registry of Historic places ref# 09000836).


It’s a great home on a lovely lot.  For someone, this can be a great B&B or Inn.  Or, an investor might want to turn it into a multi-unit rental.  (Personally, I think that would ruin the charm, but I’m not going to tell the next owner what they can and cannot do with the place.)

Here are some of the upgrades we’ve done:

  • In-line natural gas generator that powers all of the essential items plus more (This is an 8KW unit and has proved to be more than ample in power outages.  We were without power last year for 3 days and during that time, the generator provided us with enough power to heat our bedroom, keep our food from going bad and provide us with lighting at night and more.)
  • Steel Roof
  • New boiler system (2019)
  • Heat pump/AC installed in large den.
  • Laminate flooring in the kitchen.
  • Remodeled outbuilding with a nice “office” area.
  • Brought sump-pump up to code
  • Installed a backyard well (i.e. water your garden without running up your water and sewer bill)
  • Installed a wood burning furnace in the formal dining room
  • Replaced several windows with double-pane windows.
  • Overall General maintenance

The Yard

There is a lovely deck for backyard picnics with huge trees and friendly squirrels to watch while you enjoy the gardens.  The gardens are especially beautiful in the Spring with thousands of bulbs and flowers blooming.  Fall is also lovely with the turning of the leaves on the maples, oaks, walnut, chestnut and many other trees.  Please note that we do not allow alcohol or tobacco anywhere on the grounds.


Palmyra only has one inn, a couple of B&Bs, a couple of vacation rentals.   2020 will be the last year pageant will be presented, however, there will continue to be a steady influx of tourist to Palmyra because of its importance to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Our Location

Our location is close to the following area attractions:

LDS Attractions

Alvin Smith’s Grave – about 600 feet (Church St & Main St).
Book of Mormon Publication Site (aka Grandin Press) – 0.25 miles east of the Mansion.
Martin Harris Farm – 2 miles (Maple St north of Route 31).  Note:  There are no tours here.  The house on this property was built after the Harris’ occupied the farm.  There is a parking lot where you can stop, get out, and look around.  Please do not disturb the residents who live in the house.
Joseph Smith Farm & Sacred Grove – 2 miles (Stafford Road south of Route 31).
New York Palmyra Temple – 2 miles (Temple Road across from Smith Farm).
Hill Cumorah – 5 miles (home of the Hill Cumorah Pageant – Route 21 south of Route 31).
Peter Whitmer Farm – 45 minute drive East via I-90 or NY ST Route 96.

 Where to Eat in Palmyra

Happiness Garden – 212 E Main Street (1/4 mile).
Nima’s Pizza – Corner of Main and Williams (1/4 mile).
Mark’s Pizza – 240 E Main Street (1/3 mile).
Chill-n-Grill (seasonal April-September) – 616 E Main (1 mile).
Acropolis  – 513 Canal Street (1 mile).

Special note to Palmyra Temple Patrons:

To our Latter-day Saint friends, winter months can be unpredictable.  When you find yourself stuck in the area while attending the temple during the winter (i.e. too much snow to drive home), give us a call.

213 W. Main St. Palmyra NY 14522
(315) 359-5280

Visit Brent’s Blog at http://blog.beckwithmansion.com

About the owners of the Beckwith Mansion & Estate

Elizabethe is your hostess during your stay.  She will take your reservations as well as give you a tour of the mansion and show you to your rooms.  You can enjoy her quilling work  and handmade cards in the downstairs foyer.  They too are available for purchase.

D. Brent Walton is a painter, Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer.  His studio is located on the Beckwith Mansion & Estate grounds.  His work can be seen at http://www.dbwalton.com and http://www.FineArtbyDB.com .  Because of a rare neuromuscular disease, Brent was forced in to retirement (disability) in 2018.  While he can no longer work, visitors to his websites can still enjoy his work.

Brent’s work can also be purchased in local shops and stores in the Village of Palmyra, as well as the front parlor of the Beckwith Mansion.  For on-line purchases, visit http://FineArtbyDB.com Available are postcards as well as fine art canvas prints in sizes up to 60 inches wide.  Custom frame selections are also available.  Fine Art by DB is operated by ImageKind.  Please do not contact us directly for purchases as we do not operate ImageKind.