For Sale


We are scaling down in preparation of selling the mansion.  Brent’s myasthenia gravis makes it too difficult for him to maintain the house and yard any more.

Here is a list of items we have for sale…

Mini Refrigerators, aka Dorm Refrigerators, Room Refrigerators, etc. – we have several of these.  They retail for $160, and often go on sale for $130.  We’re selling them for $80 for one, $150 for two, $220 for three, $280 for four.

3.5 Cubic Foot Refrigerator


We have lots of furniture for sale. The best thing is to call Elizabethe at (and I’m spelling it out to thwart the robo-callers who crawl the web looking for numbers) Three one five, three five nine, fifty-two eighty. Or, if that was too hard to follow, giver her a ring at a/c 315, prefix 359 and finally end it with 5280.

There’s too much here to list prices or to show everything in photos. So, just give Elizabethe a call and tell her what you are looking for.