Autumn Room

Autumn Room

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The Autumn Room

The Autumn Room is in the west dormer on the north side. It looks over the back lawn and is shaded by huge old evergreens.  The dormer rooms are cozy (yes, small), but they also stay the warmest in the winter, and coolest in the summer.  This room has a nice view of the back of the estate.  It’s warm décor is a nice homey feel.

Favorite to Temple Goers

This room is a favorite to temple goers.  Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who travel great distances to attend the temple love staying the night here.  We are only 2 miles from the Palmyra Temple.  Contact us and let us know when you plan to attend the temple to check for availability.

A Note to Potential Guests:

The Beckwith Mansion is classified as a tourist home.  This means we cannot offer any services during your stay.  No turn-down service, no breakfast, no transportation services, etc.  We are simply offer clean lodging.

We are also governed by local zoning and building codes.  The number of guests per room, and the total number of guests per night are strictly adhered to.