The Estate is located on Main Street, between Liberty Street (east) and Carroll Street (west) and Hanson Street (north).  When coming to visit or stay, please enter the driveway near the sign that reads, 213.  Park in the circle near the stone wall.  Additional parking is off Hanson Street.  Both Main Street and Hanson Street have on-street parking except during the winter months.  (Please heed the parking regulation signs and do not block the fire hydrants.)

Beckwith Mansion

Early Spring at the Mansion

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A) Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC), 1200 Brooks Ave, Rochester, NY 14624 US
    1. Start out going northwest toward E Airport Rd.  (go 0.55 miles)
    2. Turn right onto Brooks Ave/RT-204.
      - Brooks Ave is 0.2 miles past E Airport Rd
      - If you are on Buell Rd and reach Ajax Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
  (go 0.05 miles)
    3. Merge onto I-390 S.  (go 3.34 miles)
    4. Keep left to take I-590 N via EXIT 15A.  (go 2.89 miles)
    5. Take RT-31/Monroe Ave exit, EXIT 2, towards Pittsford.
    6. Keep right at the fork to go on RT-31.  (go 17.3 miles)
    7. 213 W MAIN ST is on the left.
      - Your destination is just past Carroll St
      - If you reach Washington St you've gone a little too far
  (go 0 miles)
B) 213 W Main St, Palmyra, NY 14522-1027 US
TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME: 38 minutes | DISTANCE: 24.33 miles

Beckwith Mansion

Painting by the Owner, db walton